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  • Several replaceable brass woven wet washing sieve clothes and two brass woven laboratory sieves

    Wet washing sieve can replace sieve cloth, for washing various examples without losing them. Lab sieve is used for particle size analysis in laboratory.

  • Three different mesh opening stainless steel test sieves

    The stainless steel test sieve is woven or perforated different mesh opening, Used to measure sample and particle size.

  • Two woven electroformed sheet test sieves with different mesh opening

    Electroformed woven test sieves offers accurate measuring for chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy industry.

  • A flour sieve and four different mesh opening clothes, and many different size brass woven and perforated test sieves

    Flour sieve and test sieve made of high quality stainless and brass are durable to make flour fine, bulkiness and offer high precision analysis.

Mesh sieve for test, grain, coffee, garden, flour

A stainless steel perforated round hole plate test sieve

Perforated plate test sieve

Two stainless steel woven wire mesh test sieves

Woven wire mesh test sieve

Mesh sieve is a professional measuring instrument for laboratory sampling and particle size analysis or screening material for flour, garden soil, etc. It can be manufacture with stainless or brass material. The mesh sieve frame and mesh cloth can be different material. According to the way of manufacturing, it can be divided into the woven wire mesh sieve and perforated plate mesh sieve.

Honesty & Faith Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the production of woven wire mesh sieve and perforated plate sieve for more than 25 years. Since grasp the advanced technology and rich production experience, we have become the leading manufacturer. Our main product includes test sieve, laboratory sieve, diamond sieve, wet washing sieve, air jet sieve and so on.

All the mesh sieve we manufactured has different function. There are some details of the mesh sieve about its features and function.

A complete set stainless including 8 lab sieves, one receiver and one lid for test shaker

laboratory sieve for test shaker

Laboratory sieve also named laboratory test sieve is specially manufactured under the requirements of lab different sample test. This sieve provides the high precision and accurate test size, It can be used with test shaker or by hands.

A green color garden sieve for screening soil

Powder coated garden sieve for screening soil

Garden sieve is made of steel frame and steel mesh center with galvanized or powder coated. It features woven wire mesh with different mesh opening. Ideal for screening sticks and stones from soil in garden.

2 different brass grain sieves, and one sieve is with much corn kernels and a brass receiver

Brass grain sieve for testing corn kernels

Grain sieve made of brass and stainless steel complies the standard ISO 5223. It is perforated oblate or round holes with different opening size. Used by government intervention boards and similar organizations for testing grains and cereals.

2 different stainless steel hole open coffee sieve with much coffee beans

Stainless steel coffee sieve

Coffee sieve is special manufactured with stainless steel frame and perforated plate for grading coffee beans. It features high precision perforated round holes. Suitable for different areas and sizes coffee.

2 different size stainless steel grids sieves

Stainless steel grids sieve

Grids sieves are manufactured with stainless frame and bars based on the current EN 933-3 standard. It is used to determine the particle shape and flakiness index of aggregates.

A people use a stainless steel flour sieve to screen the flour

Stainless steel flour sieve for screening flour

Flour sieve is made of stainless steel frame with micro opening woven wire mesh cloth center. Used to make flour fine, bulkiness and screen debris. It features perfect surface and is easy to use.

We Are the Best Manufacture

  • Production Capacity
    Our company registered capital are about 3 million yuan. The professional technical workers are about one hundred and sixty-five. Every worker is trained strictly before work. Eighty five mesh sieve machine. In order to improve the production efficiency, we arrange the production line, quality control team, packing line, after sale service.
  • Product quality control
    In order to make sure the mesh sieve is manufactured high standard and without error, we has the professional quality control team, they inspect the material, sieve aperture, sieve diameter, height, packing. It reduces the production error and save material.
  • Logistics and transport
    Our company is located in Anping county industry zone. It is not far to Tianjin port and is adjacent to Shi Huang and Da Guang high-speed. We have our own transport team to ensure the delivery time. We can also arrange the transport as the customers' requirements.
Hot Products

Test sieve made of stainless or brass is inspected by microscope and projector. It is a professional measuring tool for lab test.

Laboratory sieve features high precision, accurate mesh, acid and alkali resistance, ideal for all kinds of powders and particle analysis.

Grids sieves made of stainless steel is with a square shape and it complies the current EN 933-3 standard. A complete set includes 14 grids sieves.

Microplate sieve is made of electro-formed nickel plate in stainless steel frames. The opening hole can be round or square.

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