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Standard and premium air jet sieve

Air jet sieve is manufactures with brass or stainless steel frame and mesh. It is specifically designed for the use with air-jet system. It includes two types of air jet sieves: standard air jet sieve and premium air jet sieve. Standard air jet sieve is available with a 200mm diameter in stainless steel frame. Premium air jet sieve is available with a diameter of 203mm only, also in stainless steel frame.

A 200mm diameter stainless steel sieve

Air jet sieve


  • Material: brass or stainless steel.
  • Sieve diameter: 200mm, 203mm.
  • Type of mesh: woven wire.
  • Mesh size: 20µm - 4mm.
  • Standards: ISO 3310, ASTM.


  1. Specifically designed for use with air jet systems.
  2. Supplied in an extensive range of aperture sizes.
  3. Safe edge.
  4. Strong and durable.
  5. Easy to clean.

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