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Professional sieve for grading coffee beans

Two different hole size stainless steel coffee sieves with many coffee beans

Coffee sieve

Coffee sieve is manufactured using brass or stainless steel frames with perforated round holes on it. It is specially designed for grading coffee beans. The complete range from 8/64th - 20/64th. It is suitable for different size of coffee. Used at the coffee productive areas.


  • Frame material: stainless steel or brass.
  • Mesh material: stainless steel.
  • Diameter: 200mm.
  • Type of mesh: round hole perforated plate.
  • Mesh sizes: 8 - 20/64 inches.
  • Height: 25mm, 50mm.
Coffee Sieve Size Table
64th inch Classification Central America and Mexico Columbia Africa and India
20/64 very large superior supremo AA
19.5/64 very large superior supremo AA
19/64 very large superior supremo AA
18.5/64 large superior supremo AA
18/64 large superior supremo A
17/64 large superior excelso A
16/64 medium segundas excelso B
15/64 medium segundas excelso B
14/64 small terceras excelso C
13/64 shells caracol excelso PB
12/64 shells caracol excelso PB
11/64 shells caracolli excelso PB
10/64 shells caracolli excelso PB
9/64 shells caracolillo excelso PB
8/64 shells caracolillo excelso PB


  1. Brass or Stainless Steel frames.
  2. stainless steel perforated plate.
  3. Complete range from 8/64th - 20/64th.
  4. Ideal for different countries coffee beans.

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