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Flakiness sieves determines aggregate particle

Flakiness sieves is manufactured with heavy duty steel in accordance with BS 812 standard. It is finished with zinc coated or electrostatic paint. Each sieve can be ordered separately. This sieve is used to determine whether the aggregate particle is flaky or not, that means it is to determine whether the thickness of the particle is less than 60% of its nominal size or not.

3 different perforated holes blue electrostatic paint flakiness sieves

Blue electrostatic paint flakiness sieves

A complete set zinc coated flakiness sieves

Complete set flakiness sieves


  • Material: heavy duty steel.
  • Standard: BS 812.
  • Finish: zinc coated or electrostatic paint.
  • Complete set: 7.
  • Weight: 15kg.
Flakiness Sieves Size Table
Part No Slot width Dimensions Passing Retained Weight
FS-49 4.9mm 320 × 195 × 30mm 10mm 6.3mm 1.6kg
FS-72 7.2mm 340 × 215 × 40mm 14mm 10mm 1.7kg
FS-102 10.2mm 360 × 235 × 50mm 20mm 14mm 1.8kg
FS-144 14.4mm 380 × 255 × 60mm 28mm 20mm 2.0kg
FS-197 19.7mm 400 × 275 × 70mm 37.5mm 28mm 2.1kg
FS-263 26.3mm 420 × 295 × 80mm 50mm 37.5mm 2.6kg
FS-339 33.9mm 470 × 330 × 100mm 63mm 50mm 3.1kg


  1. Standards: BS 812.
  2. Heavy duty steel.
  3. Perforated hole.
  4. Anti-corrosion.
  5. Used conveniently.
  6. Long service life.

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