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Product catalog of mesh sieve

Test sieve made of stainless or brass is inspected by microscope and projector. It is a professional measuring tool for lab test.

Laboratory sieve features high precision, accurate mesh, acid and alkali resistance, ideal for all kinds of powders and particle analysis.

Grids sieves made of stainless steel is with a square shape and it complies the current EN 933-3 standard. A complete set includes 14 grids sieves.

Microplate sieve is made of electro-formed nickel plate in stainless steel frames. The opening hole can be round or square.

Air jet sieve with brass or stainless steel is specifically designed for the use with air-jet systems.

Wet washing sieve with brass or stainless steel frame and mesh is used for where samples need to be separated with the help of wet washing

Flakiness sieves made of heavy duty steel is finished with zinc coated or electrostatic paint. It includes 7 flakiness sieves.

Diamond sieve made of stainless steel or nickle etched plate meets the stick requirements of diamond industry.

Coffee sieve is made of stainless steel and brass. Different size and classification make it easy to grade coffee.

Flour sieve made of stainless steel is a perfect tool for fine flour and screen the debris in flour. Preventing caking and improve the bulkiness.

Grain sieve is manufactures with perforated round or oblate holes to test grain and cereals. It complies the ISO 5223 standard.

Garden sieve features woven structure, lightweight, anti-rust. It can be with cross steel rod under mesh center or anti-slip raised sides on frame.